Too scared to bleach


Very first blog post yall. So I am sitting here on ma bed on a Wednesday afternoon. I am supposed to be writing my MSc thesis but here I am. People have always asked me to blog about my hair but I always hated blogs and vlogs. But here I am πŸ™ˆ. I will be blogging about everything, from hair to creepy mall stalkers, dissapointments, struggles and regrets. It’s the beggining of spring and everyone is coming out of their shells. We are all making decisions about our hair that we will probably regret three months later, all the pixie cuts, side shaves and mow hawks we wont be able to reverse. I have always been a different child, never wanted to look normal or like the rest of the people which I mostly revealed with my hair and the clothes I wear. So I decide, in a crowd of a bunch of people, I wanna be noticed. Medium length dark brown 4c Afro textured hair standing erect defying the laws of gravityπŸ“·. I decide, “let’s add blue” on top of all the above, as if I am not noticeable already. But wait, I cant color my dark afro hair without pre-lightening it, ughhh! Okay,. Bleach is a small price to pay for a funky look. So there I was , bleachin my hair with no experience or instructions except for what I saw on youtubeπŸ˜‚. You tube says not to stay too long with bleach on your hair but what difference is 5more minutes gonna make right? If there is , my hair will be even lighter and my blue color will be radiant😜.. so there I was with bleached blond hair

My hair just after I had washed off the bleach

, I wasnt gonna wait to dye it the color I want, no. I topped the blond up with a blue, it looked amazing when dry and I was getting all the complimentsScreenshot_2017-06-07-11-40-19-1πŸ“·.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€. Okay, come wash day, my blue hair turns into slime when wet😦. A few weeks later, my beautiful full of body Afro starts loosing body,Screenshot_2017-06-07-11-39-31-1πŸ“· it was literally coming off as I touched it and would be slimy every time I washed it😒. One May Afternoon I decide, it’s time I let this mess go. My hair had grown a little bit so while half of it was slimy blue mess, most of the roots were black. So I thought, what do I do with this mess? And immediately I heard in my mind “cut it, cut it, cut it”πŸ’‡. I thought ” ahhh!πŸ˜ƒ. That’s an idea”. I removed all the blue parts and made another mistake I regreted. Decided to be less dull and more stylish. Instead of cutting the blue slug, I decided to d a tapered cutScreenshot_2017-06-07-11-39-11-2 πŸ“·(very popular sass style in the afro community). All was great at the beginning, my hair always recovered quiet quick. But then 3 months later, u reach an awkward stage where you dont know what to do with your hair (all ma afro sistas know what I am talkin abt here). Luckily three more months into it, my sides had grown faster and caught up with the hair in the middle of my headπŸ˜₯ phew

Took this in the lab office #yellow labgoats haha

πŸ“·. Lesson learned: I am just gonna lay off the hippy punky funky hair styles now of it means that I have to modify my hair chemically or physically. Stay away from peroxides containing dyes, don’t bleach your own hair especially sensitive 4c like mine(go to professionals). Think long term when you cut your hair, how is it gonna look in 3 months? but then again, we learn from making mistakes, this time I went to a professional to get a blow out20170522_201258 . heat, yikes! I am gonna stay with protective styles for the next few months just to allow my hair to grow in peace. Hopefully it will fully recover. now I go on my quest of finding good hair products and a wash day regimen for my hair, you would think being natural for almost three years, I would have nailed it by now, #smdh . That’s it from me for now, catch yall on ma next blog, will prolly be about my hair again, OR the first two major arguments I had with my boyfriend, or the creepy old man who stalked me and my friend at a shopping mall. Stay tuned:-) Stand out, live loud, laugh often, love always. Be unique, be you.❀