Hair products, “hair scientists”😱mud and moisture😁

So many stiries about hair products out there😧. Every one has a story to tell about this or that product. It gets tiring hearin “why don’t u try this”, I think this would work better for your hair because this and that. 😥 I once went to get a blow out at a certain hair and beauty salon that’s renown for styling natural hair, the service was amazimg and prices great but I personally would not go back. 4c hair and the “professional hair dressers”. Ahhh this seems every stylist’s nightmare.Going back to my first salon experience since I went natural, I was super excited to finally find this place that actually caters for natural hair😃.I asked if they would manage to do perm rods on my hair😮. Guess what answer I got, err….not on natural hair😩. Whaaaaat! But yall cater for natural hair and most black people in SA have naturally course haor tho. How come u cant do this?😟. I have done bantu knots, straw curls, and perm rods on my “impossible to style” so called 4c hair with youtube tutorials and great success. How come these so called “professionals” who supposedly understand the science of ethnic hair cant pull it off? In fact, maybe I should open my own joint actually haha. Anyway, I ended up getting a blowout which I think damaged my hair a bit. (Side note: I posyed my blow out on my first blog post here). I was dissapointed and in SZA’s voice ” I’m never going back never going back, no u can’t make me”🙅✋. Enough about not so good salon experiences. I want to share my favourite hair products specifically formulated for ethnic hair. One, the dark and lovely au naturelle product range (don’t know if I wrote the name right but u get the gag), for my hair, this has been the best product for moisture. I have not used the curl pudding  but I am so happy with the results from their shampoo and conditioner. I usually either wash with my palmer’s cocconut oil shampoo (which I am strugglimg to finish, also a very good product), or with the dark and lovely au naturelle shampoo, I then condition and detangle my hair with a shampoo brush while the conditioner is still on. U can also wait 5 to ten minites with a plastic cap on before you detangle. The heat of ya body allowes the condioner to penetrate your hair (as they say). After I rinse, my hair is super duper soft and easy to style. I am keeping this and slowly letting go of my “product junkie” habbits. Speaking of hair hydration, I did a clay mask with bentonite clay last weekend, man that stuff surely was made by God for our hair haha. It works miracles. I will share the recipe and application process on my next blog. But here is some pictures for your eyes only😉.

This was during the application, I also used it on my face as it’s believed to suck up all those Mc***toxins u been shoving up hehe🙈

My hair was so clean, stronger and less brittle. 😄

now that’s a happy fro.😍. My hair has recovered and is growing well. Stay true to yaselves, love, grow in abundance😄😃